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Welcome to HUG!

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Hilltop Urban Gardens (HUG) is a dynamic community-based urban agriculture and social justice organization in Tacoma, WA. The cornerstone of HUG's effort is a revolutionary vision and mission ahead of its time, a 1/4 acre city farm and intentional gathering space that houses food & medicine, and Black Leaders who are future-forward thinkers with deep compassion for their community.

HUG is a hands-on community effort to liberate BIPOC and communities from harmful institutionalization and to revitalize African and Indigenous culture in practice. An important strategy in this process is food independence and land reparation. HUG is building a neighborhood-based food system aligned with international, national, regional, and local movements for food sovereignty and land justice. Our work centers all Black Folks, and systemically disadvantaged individuals, families, and communities; keeping people of color in its leadership. We honor and hold sacred space for Indigenous Tribes who came before us and we welcome allies to help us achieve our goals.

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